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"If you’re looking for a wedding officiant look no further, Amber is your girl! She totally customized our wedding ceremony. Amber incorporated my Mexican heritage lasso & arras tradition for us. Our wedding script was perfect. Our family and friends couldn’t stop raving about it and how it sounded as though Amber knew us forever! So much goes into a wedding that sometimes you forget about the ceremony itself. The officiant is an intricate piece that ties it all together. Amber really made the whole day special! Amber I can’t thank you enough!!" - Selena (Yelp)

Marriage License Information


Did you Know?.......

Every couple must have a valid marriage license to be legally wed.

As a specially-trained notary, Antelope Valley Wedding Officiant has been authorized by the state of California to issue confidential marriage licenses to couples planning to marry in California. Apply for your Confidential Marriage License here.


Antelope Valley Wedding Officiant will wait for you, pick up a confidential marriage license, deliver to you, issue it and notarize it at your convenience. You will also receive a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate (once recorded.)














What are the benefits of Antelope Valley Wedding Officiant offering this service?

  • Skip the lines! Previously, couples had to take a day off work, drive up to an hour (or more!) to reach the nearest county clerk's office, work around the county's weekday hours, and wait in long lines.​

  • Privacy: Antelope Valley Wedding Officiant offers confidential marriage licenses, which means your union can be as private, or as public, as you choose. Confidential marriage licenses do not require witness signatures, nor are they recorded as public record.​

  • Don't need to be a resident: You do not need to be a California resident to be issued, or to be married, in California. In addition, couples can obtain a marriage license in Los Angeles county and still be married in any county in California.​

  • No waiting period: Amber has marriage licenses on hand to issue upon request

  • Marriage Certificate Ordering: Amber will also order you a certified copy of your Marriage Certificate, which you will need for name changes, health insurance, home purchases and proof of marriage.

Apply for your Confidential Marriage License here.


Who is eligible to obtain a Confidential Marriage License?

  • Must be at least 18 years old.

  • Couples must live together.​

  • Proper ID: The State of California requires proof of ID, such as a government-issued
    driver's license or passport. 

  • The two of you must be present together to sign when the license is issued.

  • Divorce within 2 years must be proven with a divorce decree.

Where else can I obtain a marriage license?​


What will it cost?​

  • Pricing starts at $225, which includes the license and notary fees. Antelope Valley Wedding Officiant will wait in line on your behalf at the County Clerk, pick up a confidential marriage license, deliver to you, issue it and notarize it at your convenience. This service also includes one certified copy of your Marriage Certificate (once recorded.)
    *LA County charges $85 for Confidential Marriage Licenses and $91 for Public Marriage Licenses

For more details, call Amber at 661-483-7524 or email Antelope Valley Wedding Officiant at info@avofficiant.com. Apply for a Confidential Marriage License here.

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